Exclusive to Antheas

Have you ever wondered why some Diamonds sparkle more brilliantly than others? It is all to do with the way in which the stone is cut. In 1999, with the aid of the latest technology and revolutionary variation in cutting methods a unique cut was developed capable of reflecting 30% more light than other traditional fancy cuts. This became known as the Tycoon Cut.

Each Tycoon Cut Diamond (or coloured stone) features the signature Diamond shape on the table. With 8 additional crown facets, it is known as “The only Diamond with a Diamond on the top”. The Tycoon Cut Diamond follows the classic design principle of “less is more”. The simple & elegant design allows the best qualities of each individual Diamond to come to the fore. The result is breathtaking fire, sparkle & brilliance. Admired by wearer and onlooker alike.

In 2015 the Tycoon 8, an 8-sided cut Diamond was developed, a variation to sit along side the original Tycoon Cut.

The Tycoon & Tycoon 8 Cut Diamonds are only available exclusively to Antheas in New Zealand.

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