A Signet Ring a must for the stylish Lady or Gent and can be worn everyday.

Antheas offers a classic Oval Signet Ring in 9ct Yellow or Rose Gold. Beautifully hand crafted in NZ.

Antheas can engrave with a monogram (your initials), we have a selection of fonts and styles to choose from or create your own unique design such as a family crest. Engrave a special message and date on the inside for the perfect special occasion gift, perfect for Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversary’s or Father Day.

We can also incorporate suitable hard-wearing gemstones such as diamonds.

We don’t currently don’t sell this product online. Phone us or visit us at Antheas to discuss your requirements and have your finger professionally sized to ensure your signet ring fits comfortably and securely. If a wanted as a gift you can purchase a Gift Voucher.


Traditionally featuring an emblem, family crest or monogram. They were used by Gentlemen to seal legal or important documents by dipping the ring into hot wax leaving an impression of the motif in the cooling wax.


Signet Rings are also referred to as a Gentleman’s Ring and are traditionally worn by the right hand ‘pinky’ finger. They make a statement, giving a man an air of confidence and completing the look for the well dressed man about town.


Signet Rings worn on the ‘pinky’ finger are popular with ladies that shop at Antheas. Personalised to make them as individual as you are. They make an ideal present and are a must have for any jewellery box.