ANTHEAS stock a selection of loose pearls as well as bespoke pearl jewellery. Our selection includes; South Sea, Tahitian, Japanese Akoya, Keshi, Marbe, large and small Baroque Pearls and good quality Fresh Water pearls. We design and make most of our pearl jewellery.

We stock Pearl Rings, Pearl Earrings. Pearl Enhancers, Pearl Pendants, Pearl Necklaces and Pearl Bracelets. Combination bead and pearl necklaces are very popular. We have many on display to choose from. Pearl necklaces with detachable pearl tassels add extra elegance and just make your pearl necklace a little bit more special.

If you have old pearls that need a new lease of life, book an appointment with our in house designer Monette. Possibly you would like to add a splash of colour to your pearls by adding some beads, a detachable tassel or simply a new pearl clasp.


  • Pearl jewellery design
  • Pearl re-design
  • Pearl re-modeling
  • Pearl rethreading
  • Professional pearl cleaning
  • Pearl cleaning kits
  • W.O.F on pearl jewellery
  • Pearl jewellery valuations
  • Fix and adjust pearl clasps in: sterling silver, platinum, diamond, yellow, white & rose gold


Classic pearl necklace lengths: Choker 30-40cm Princess 40-50cm Matinee 50-66cm Opera 70-90cm Rope 1m or more Pearls can be threaded in a variety of styles using different sizes or colours to make a pattern for a very pretty effect.

We don’t feature our pearls and pearl jewellery online, visit our showroom to view our range.
333 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland