Do you have old out of date or broken jewellery?

Have you got sentimental pieces of jewellery that you don’t wear because you don’t like the way they are styled?

Or you may have a piece of jewellery that you want to pass down the family but you feel that younger members of you family would not wear it.

Monette Blackborow, ANTHEAS in-house Jewellery Designer is passionate about remodeling jewellery. Over her career in the industry, she has transformed many pieces for clients. She finds the remodeling process very rewarding and so do our clients.

If you have a piece jewellery that you are just not sure about, book an appointment to bring it in, so we can discuss remodeling ideas, options and cost.

Get those old fashioned pieces out of the jewellery box and remodeled, get your sparkle back!


1980’s style pearl earrings redesigned for the next generation, offer a modern look and that is versatile with detachable Diamond studs. Remodeled by Monette, Jewellery Designer at ANTHEAS.